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Nov 26, 2010   |  9:58PM AET

Who’s Who in the W – Aivi Luik

Who’s Who in the W – Aivi Luik

During the week… Girls FC ‘surfed the wave’ with Aivi Luik of the Brisbane Roar

During the week… Girls FC ‘surfed the wave- with Aivi Luik of the Brisbane Roar and current member of the Westfield Matilda-s.

Aivi was first inspired to play having kicked the ball around with her Swedish mother, Mare and brother Lee. Her first football club was the Palm Beach U/11-s up in Queensland.

Her Scandinavian background enhances her tanned appearance, blonde hair, stunning surfy chick look. Give the girl a chance and she will be surfing the waves of the ocean. Whenever we have camps in QLD, she will always squeeze in a surf early morning or post training. The passion Aivi shares for the ocean and the environment (she has completed a degree in Geography) is equivalent to the passion she shares for football.

In the eye of the National team coach – Tom Sermanni. “Aivi Luik is an extremely valuable utility player with a good football brain who can play effectively in several different positions. Always a reliable and consistent performer….”.

Aivi has always aspired to represent Australia in Football and returned home to the Gold Coast last year to do so. She completed her degree over in the US in the college system and has also played a season of football in the Ukraine.

Aivi-s most memorable football experience came earlier this year when she achieved her dream by representing Australia in New Zealand having debuted for the Westfield Matildas. Aivi certainly made the experience that little bit more special. Honestly it was refreshing to have her around. Her attitude and level of excitement reminded those seasoned Matildas present- that representing your country each and every time is a very special and honourable experience.

Girls FC caught up with Aivi Luik for a quick Q & A… Her answers were very informative and detailed… I picked out what I thought was the most intriguing. Enjoy…

What-s the best thing about being in the W-League?

Just that…”being in it.” For me, being one of the older players in the league, I am just so thankful that WE HAVE a league because for me, coming out of high school such a thing didn-t exist.

What are the most important skills to possess to be good in your position on the field?

You need to have good vision, the ability to deliver quality service, decent technique, very good fitness to constantly run up and down the field, the “never say die” attitude when you are just completely buggered and you feel starved of oxygen.

What does your typical day involve?

I-ll either wake up at 5:00am if I-m feeling rested and go for a surf before work otherwise I-ll sleep in until about 6:30am and head of to work by 7am. Work 9am-1:30pm, go home to skype with my boyfriend in America while eating lunch, leave for training in Brisbane between 3:30pm and 4pm, train from 5pm or 5:30pm for an hour and a half, arrive home between 8pm and 8:30pm, have dinner, check emails, then read or watch a movie, bed between 10pm and 11pm usually, depending on how early I have to wake up. On the weekend I-ll surf, hang out with family, game day will be on either Saturday or Sunday so I-ll play as well. Church usually Sunday morning.

What-s the most fun thing about playing football?

It-s the freedom and creativity within football. You basically go out there with a general idea of what is needed and wanted but once you-re out there it-s pretty much up to the skill and hundreds of split-second decisions by 22 players. Oh…the smell of freshly cut grass along with the look on your mums face when she sees what the freshly cut grass has done to your white strip (thanks mum, I love you).

What would you do if you weren-t a footballer?

I would have travelled with David Attenborough as his partner in wildlife and human cultural photography and research, and continuously donate some of the millions I-d be making to wildlife and human aid organisations.

What advice would you give a 10 year old aspiring footballer?

Practice juggling, and also passing with both your left and right foot with a friend or against a wall, and watch football on TV. Also, make sure you-re having fun.

On a personal / emotional level what has football taught you about being a great person?

Through football I have travelled a lot and that has given me an open mind. It has also taught me to adapt to situations that you may not be used to or like, and to appreciate what you have.

Favourite thing to wear when not playing?

Swimmers! Because that means I-m either going to be or am surfing!

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