Wellington Phoenix’s Sounds of Summer


​Summer is all about good vibes and Hyundai A-League football. Glen Moss shares his summer playlist and reveals the eclectic musical taste in the Phoenix dressing room.

Mossy, how important is music to you?

Music is a big part of most footballers lives, pumping us up for a game or chilling out afterwards

What music/artist gets you pumped during the Hyundai A-League season?

I actually have a varied taste in music. I grew up listening to Pearl Jam, Metallica and Foo Fighters on the way to a game and sometimes still do! 

Now, we have a lot of dance tracks in the sheds before a match like David Guetta, Tiesto and Avicii.

Moss Playlist

Why is this is your favourite soundtrack for Summer?

I think as the A-League is played in summer, a dance soundtrack is a great match.

Apart from you, who has the best taste in music at your club? Worst?

Dylan Fox has a decent play list and seems to always find the latest tracks, although he can turn our change room into a rave club at 4am sometimes! Roly Bonevacia only has one taste in music and it’s pretty ghetto, sometimes I wonder if he grew up on the streets of Compton rather than Holland….

Which headphones do you favour?

I love my Bose wireless and have noticed they are popular in our team. I’ve seen Bose have released a noise cancelling version that I would love to get my hands on. (hint, hint). 

Moss playlist