Teen Aussie striker trials with Watford U-23s


Ex-Newcastle Jets striker Kristian Brymora is trialling with Watford FC U-23s as he chases his dream of signing with a European club.

Brymora, 18, is the focus of our new “Adventures of an Aussie trialist in Europe” series.

See his first video here

And the youngster is loving the challenge of trying to win a contract in the dog-eat-dog world of professional football in the UK, as he explains.


“The past 10 days I have been on trial with Premier League side Watford FC,” he told www.a-league.com.au.

“It has been surreal to be in an environment like this, surrounded by world-class players, coaching staff and facilities.

“I have been trialling with the U-23s squad who are a very strong and competitive team.

“English football I have found to be a different style then to Australia, but since my time being on trial here I have already learnt so much and enjoy every minute of being at Watford.

Kristian Brymora is currently trailling with EPL club Watford.

“The past week has consisted of two sessions a day one at a high intensity and the other normally being tactical or technical.

“The team is also in the gym three times a week to improve their strength heading into the current season.

“Every morning we have to be at training at 8:45 where the academy sides and first team come together to have breakfast in the cafe, which is on the training grounds.

“After this we head into the gym to commence prehab before heading out into the field to train.”


“We played a sixth division side called Wealdstone. This was my first experience of playing against an English football side and learnt quickly that the game is very physical, and I enjoy the challenge.

“I began the game by starting as a number 9 (striker) and played 45 minutes.

“Watford U-23s lost 1-0 in the end, but it was an incredible experience to be able to be amongst a team like this and I am aiming to be able to play in a side as good as Watford.”

Look out for Kristian’s update on his trials next week here on www.a-league.com.au.