Support your team in the semi finals!

It’s semi finals time so get along to support your team and cheer them through to the final

It-s semi finals time! Four teams will battle it out for the chance to participate in the Westfield League Grand Final!

If your team happens to still be in the race and fighting it out this Saturday at Ballymore or Sunday at Campbelltown, it-s now your turn to do your part for them!

From a player-s perspective, having the support of your fans in the stands can have a huge effect on the game.

For instance, when your team is struggling to maintain possession, sometimes a lift in the crowd can translate into a lift in the team, resulting in a possession turnover.

The matches coming up are expected to be very competitive given what-s at stake for the win, so any little advantage a team can get over another will be greatly welcomed.

This will be especially important for Canberra and Victory this week, since they have to travel and play in front of an away crowd!

So fans, your team need your voice this weekend. Try and make an extra effort to get to a game and help them over the line!