MLS versus Hyundai A-League


How does the top United States soccer competition compare to Australia’s equivalent, the Hyundai A-League?


The Hyundai A-League averaged three goals per game through its first 23 rounds (115 games), while the MLS is slightly lower at 2.8 goals through 32 matches.

Atlanta United FC and the Portland Timbers are already averaging over 3 goals per MLS game this season, while Melbourne Victory are the A-League’s best with 2.1 goals per game.


There are slightly more shots per game on average in the A-League with 25 to the MLS’s 22.

Certain MLS teams are more prolific in their shot-taking, though – both the San Jose Earthquakes and Sporting Kansas City have taken 14.7 shots per game, slightly ahead of the Timbers with 14.3.

The A-League’s best is Melbourne City who average 14.1 shots per game, followed by Sydney FC with 14.0.


It’s here the MLS stands out; on the combined list of those who have averaged the most passes per game, US-based players fill the first ten positions.

Atlanta United FC’s Chilean midfielder Carlos Carmona tops the charts with an average of 82.5 passes per game.

Carlos Carmona

The best A-League player is Western Sydney captain Dimas Delgado, who averages 68.6 passes per game.

On average, there are 867 passes per game in the MLS, compared to 839 in the A-League.


Carmona combines quantity with quality; 92.1% of his passes find their mark, second only to Portland’s Darlington Ngabe with 92.4%.

The best accuracy in the A-League belongs to Melbourne City defender Ruon Tongyik with 90.3%, placing him fourth on the combined list.

Ruon Tongyik on the ball during City's 3-2 win over Central Coast Mariners.

Central Coast midfielder Mickael Tavares (who hasn’t played for four months) is next with 90.2%, while Tongyik’s City team-mate Michael Jakobsen also sneaks into the combined top-ten with a passing accuracy of 89.1%.

As a team, Melbourne City compare favourably though, passing at an accuracy of 82.41%, second only to the Timbers (83.27%).


On average, there are 30.4 fouls per A-League game, compared to 24.9 in the MLS.

The tackle success is higher in the A-League though, with 72.5% compared to the MLS figure of just 70.6%.


MLS sides have accumulated considerably fewer yellow cards on average per game.

Chicago Fire players have collected just 0.7 bookings per match, while six other teams have 1.3 yellows or less per outing.

Chicago Fire.

The best of the A-League sides is the Mariners, whose players have been booked an average of 1.8 times per game.

An average of 4.4 yellow cards are issued in an average A-League encounter, with 3.8 per game shown in the MLS.