Five Mad Minutes with… Victoria Balomenos

Adelaide United Women’s striker chats about islands, Cristiano and lame jokes from coaches

Adelaide United Women-s striker chats about islands, Cristiano and lame jokes from coaches

How have you found playing in the Westfield W-League so far this season?
It-s been a really good change. It-s been exciting to have a national league up and running similar to that of the men-s. We haven-t had one for four years now and it-s all very exciting.
What-s the best thing about it?
The travelling, I suppose; having regular competition and being able to play interstate.
Have there been any funny moments that have happened this season in the team?
Not really. It-s been pretty straight at Adelaide United.
Who-s the funniest in the team and likes a laugh?
Rich Alagich, our assistant coach, has a lot of lame jokes, like “pairs of three”.
Who are your sports heroes?
In the local league I like looking up to Di Alagich, who-s in our team. She-s shown a lot of leadership and she-s played for the Matildas for so many years, so she-s one to look up to. But then there-s also players like Cristiano Ronaldo who you aspire to be like and to be able to play like that with that flair.
If you had enough money to buy anything you want, what would that be?
That would be… [long pause] that-s tough… I would buy an island.
And if you were stranded on that island, which teammate would you have there with you?
Sandra Scalzi; she makes you laugh.
And what about a celebrity, dead or alive?
Um… I wouldn-t mind being on the island with Cristiano. He could teach me a few soccer tricks.
Sure… When you got off, what would be the first meal you-d have?
Mum-s cooking. Anything mum-s cooking I-d eat.
Finally, who-s going to win the Hyundai A-League and the Westfield W-League?
Adelaide United.
What about the EPL?
Manchester United.
Great, thanks Victoria.