Five Mad Minutes with… John Hutchinson

Mariners’ midfield man John Hutchinson talks about the important things

Mariners- midfield man talks about the important things – like star signs, Dean Heffernan-s muscle shirt and the albino man at Bluetongue Stadium

Hi John. Your birthday is on December 29; did you always joint birthday and Christmas presents?
The worst days to have a birthday is between Christmas and New Year, because my aunties and uncles are all tight-arses and Mum was the only one that gave me a present for birthday and for Christmas. My aunties and uncles would say, “This is for your birthday and Christmas”.
Your star sign is Capricorn; apparently they don-t like being bossed about?
Mate, if that was true I wouldn-t be with my wife, because all I get is bossed around by her. I don-t like being bossed around but sometimes I-ve got to listen to her.
Is your wife bossier than Lawrie McKinna?
Definitely. With Lawrie, when he-s shouting at me I just put my hand up on the park and keep running around; with her I-m normally stuck at home in the same room she-s yelling at me.
Apparently a Capricorn-s ideal job is to be doctor, a lawyer or a politician – ever fancy those as a career?
That-s too much hard work – way too much hard work. Doctors have to work every day with sick people, politicians everyone hates ya, same for lawyer, so that-s way too hard for me.
What-s your favourite drink?
I-d have to say Maker-s Mark.
Not Bluetongue, then?
Yeah, that-s my favourite beer!
Who-s your boyhood idol?
My favourite player was Roy Keane. He was a winner and he hated losing.
He-s pretty fierce though. Would you be frightened playing alongside him? Or against him?
I-d be more frightened playing beside him; he-s just an angry guy who wants to win but then you love that will to win and he was phenomenal.
Back to Mariners; who-s the laziest in training?
Definitely Wilko (Alex Wilkinson), the laziest guy I-ve ever seen. When it comes
to crossing and shooting, somehow Wilko ends up at the back of the line watching the boys and sledging everyone. I think this whole season I-ve only seen him have one shot at training during crossing and shooting exercises so he definitely gets the laziest player.
Who-s got the funniest nickname at the club?
I-m going to phone a friend and get some help here… We call Matty Simon the Albino Man; he gets it all the time, that-s all he gets. The Albino Man.
Worst dress sense?
To be honest, if I-m going to have a dig at one of my teammates, Dean Heffernan rocks up to training, or if we go out for coffee and that, he rocks up in these tracky pants, with our gym shirt which is a Reebok muscle shirt and his cap on sideways because he can-t put it on straight and a pair of thongs. He-s the worst dressed. Give it to him because he rocks up in that and whenever Melanie McLaughlin or one of the girls turn up at training he takes his muscle tee off. You write that, get into him!
We certainly will. When you got up at 6:30 this morning what was the first thing you thought of?
To be honest, mate, Matty Osman was in my dream and he had a schooner and was trying to drink it through his nose with a straw so I was thinking how that was a pretty weird dream when I woke up.
On that note, mate, we-ll let you go. Cheers, John.