Competition Rules

Isuzu UTE A-League Men Competition Rules Summary

The Isuzu UTE A-League Men consists of a Regular Season and a Finals Series (featuring the top six (6) Clubs from the Regular Season), the winner of which will be crowned Isuzu UTE A-League Men Champions.

Competition Format – Regular Season

The Isuzu UTE A-League Regular Season is played over twenty-six (26) Rounds.

The following points will be awarded for Matches during the Regular Season:

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 1 point
  • Loss = 0 points

The complete draw is available under the fixtures and results section.

Procedures to Determine Placings after Regular Season

At the completion of the Regular Season Clubs are ranked from one (1) through to twelve (12), with the first six (6) Clubs progressing to the Finals Series. The position of each Club will be determined based on the following criteria:

  1. Highest number of points accumulated during the Regular Season;
  2. If two (2) or more Clubs are level on points accumulated, the following criteria is applied, in order, until one (1) of the Clubs can be determined as the higher ranked Club in respect of:
    1. Highest positive goal difference;
    2. Highest number of goals scored;
    3. Highest number of points accumulated in Matches between the Clubs concerned;
    4. Highest goal difference in Matches between the Clubs concerned;
    5. Lowest number of Red Cards accumulated;
    6. Lowest number of Yellow Cards accumulated; and
    7. toss of a coin in the event of a tie of two (2) Clubs or drawing of lots in the event of a tie of three (3) or more Clubs.

Competition Format – Isuzu UTE A-League Finals Series

The top six (6) Clubs at the conclusion of the Regular Season will progress to the Finals Series.

The Finals Series format will be as follows:

Elimination Finals

  • Clubs ranked 3 & 6 (Match A) and 4 & 5 (Match B) will play-off with the winners from each of these Matches to advance to the Semi Finals of the Isuzu UTE A-League Finals Series.
  • Clubs ranked 3 & 4 will be considered the ‘home’ Club for Matches A & B.

Semi Finals

  • Each Semi Final tie will be played over two legs
  • The Club ranked 1 will play the lowest ranked winner of Matches A & B (Matches C & E).
  • The Club ranked 2 will play the highest ranked winner of Matches A & B (Matches D & F).
  • Clubs ranked 1 & 2 will be choose whether to play the first leg of their Semi Final tie at home or away
  • Scores across the two legs will be aggregated to determine the winner of the tie. The Away Goals rule will NOT be used.
  • The highest placed Club to advance to the Isuzu UTE A-League Grand Final (Match G) will be considered the ‘home’ Club.

Grand Final

  • The Isuzu UTE A-League Grand Final will be contested between the winners of Matches C & E and D & F (Match G).
  • The Club who wins the Isuzu UTE A-League Grand Final will be crowned the Isuzu UTE A-League Champions and will be awarded the Championship Trophy.

Venue selection

The selection of Venues, dates and kick-off times for all Finals Series Matches, including the Grand Final, will be at the sole and absolute discretion of the APL and a decision to allocate a Venue, dates and kick-off time may be made based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, venue availability, broadcaster preferences, player welfare, security, commercial, marketing and financial considerations.

Procedures to Determine the Winner of Finals Matches

If, at the conclusion of the regular period in an Elimination Final, across the two legs of a Semi Final match or the Grand Final the scores between the two (2) Clubs are tied, then extra time of two (2) equal periods of fifteen (15) minutes will be played. The conditions of the Laws of the Game will apply.

If scores remain equal at the conclusion of both periods of extra time, penalty kicks will be taken, in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game, to determine the winner of the Match.